Smart Mews potential users

Possible uses can be:

  • Patients requiring post operative critical care (POCCU)
  • Potentially critical patients in normal wards
  • Patients in short term intensive observation (IO) in A&E
  • Potentially critical patients hospitalised in ICU
  • Patients with severe brain damage transferred as soon as possible to Neurorehabilitation
  • Patients that have recently been dismissed from Intensive Care that are not completely stable and may develop organ failure/s
  • Patients that may develop a SIRS, sepsis, severe sepsis or sepsis shock*

*In the case that that the patient develops a sepsis, severe sepsis or sepsis shock the H@H SMARTMEWS device, by analysing the vital signs measured and the values of various laboratory tests, inserted manually or acquired directly through the HL-7 interface of the repository of the analysis laboratory, it is also able to diagnose sepsis early and suggest treatment protocols according to the guidance of the Surviving Sepsis Campaign.