listening to Beethoven

listening to Beethoven



I have a weakness for period films, the more the biography and the biographies of great composers - in particular. What me in these films charms? The climate of the time, creative passion and, above all, of course, the music that I love love not entirely reciprocated, because I love classical music, but do not understand it.


It is a great pleasure to listen to, absorb excellent phrases, but without a solid educational foundation. Maybe it is better ...


Perhaps due to the fact that I do not know, they do not analyze, I am able to admire again and again anew, uncritically. "Copying Beethoven" masterpiece made "Amadeus" is not. At times offended pathos, places weary naive (all Å‚zawo and quite schematically played Beethoven's relationship with his cousin, some easy to predict the stock solutions feature). This film does not pierce, no gnawing somewhere in the stomach, not the stigma of imprints. But, as I wrote, I have a weakness for this subject and despite perceived shortcomings liked. Although indeed the biggest advantage is the music.


Outshines everything and mercifully message defects. Role-axis, that is, knowledge of Beethoven Anna Holtz not focused my attention. He dissolved into the general impression. But can it be so, because Agnieszka Holland in a very interesting comment posted on the DVD he says that Anna was to be only a filter medium that facilitates access to the viewers Beethoven. So to be clear, to some extent, more ethereal than real, but the director says that it wanted to avoid closing it completely within the framework of symbolism. The film is also interesting from a cognitive point of view, especially its final passages, when Beethoven created the foundations of a new style in music ahead of its time, yet misunderstood by his contemporaries. .